• A simple way to operate your friend's computer remotely

    Team viewer is a fabulous software through which you can connect to your friend's computer and operate his computer.Your friend's computer screen will be displayed on your computer and you can do whatever you want. Yes, it is true. But this is not actually a hack. To perform this operation, you should require your friend's permission to operate his computer. So, let's see how this software tool works for connecting you to your friend's computer.

  • Phishing attack (Hack your friend's email passwords)

    Hi friends. Are you having a low memory graphic card. Are you facing the problem of your games running slowly due to low graphics card. There's no need of increasing your graphics card. You can increase your gaming experience with out changing to high memory graphics card. So, now there is a solution for making your games run smoothly with out increasing your graphics card. That software is known as Game booster version 2.0.

  • Hack in to other IP addresses in your local LAN

    Hi friends today ur gonna learn how to hack into other IP addresses in your local LAN network. This technique i am going to say will work only for the internet users who are using local broad band internet connections like CCN, DVS, etc because these broadband internet connections doesn't use good authentication techniques.

  • Browse any web site without connecting to internet

    Wondering how.... It is actually possible with software known as Offline browser.The actual thing the software does is, you should enter the URL of website you want to browse offline in the text field of this software, and the software downloads the whole web site on to your hard disk. Then you can browse that website whenever you wish without connecting to the internet. Isn't it cool........!!!!!!!

  • Steal your friend's passwords from his computer

    Hi friends do you want to know all the passwords which are typed on your friends computer. Not only passwords, do u want to know all the activities that are being done on your friend's computer. Then there is a way to steal your friends passwords remotely through a fabulous software known as refog keylogger.

  • How to change a trail version software into full version software

    Many of us download the trail version softwares like 30 day trail,20 day trail etc. The common tecnique used by most of us to run the trail version software many days even after the expiration date of the trail is, we change the system date regularly to avoid the expiration of the software.This makes the software to run even after the trail version.

How to know your MAC address

Every ethernet card has a unique MAC address assigned to it.
You can see your ethernet card's MAC address from command prompt.

Simply open cmd prompt and type following

ipconfig /all
Following will be displayed on the screen.

In My system i am connected to internet using Realteck Family PCI ethernet card
so my MAC address is visible in themarked area of below screen shot


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